Deleting YouTube is the twentieth Ask Orange video aired February 19, 2016 threaten to delete Youtube if Marshmallow is a boy or a girl.

Annoying Orange - Ask Orange -20- DELETING YOUTUBE!!!

Annoying Orange - Ask Orange -20- DELETING YOUTUBE!!!

Questions Edit

  1. Q) Butterfingerslap Tyler - Hey Orange, Knock Knock...
    A) Orange TNT
  2. Q) Maria Luz Cortez - Do something funny!
    A) Unless if You're Grapefruit
  3. Q) HappyKittenz - Do not put me on Ask Orange or Squash will squash you.
    A) Squash on Grapefruit
  4. Q) Eric Cowell - Spell "iCup".
    A) That's a Not Good Answer If You Say "I See You Pee"
  5. Q) Melissa Sweem - If you were real, will you sign me an autograph?
    A) Not Real
  6. Q) Jo L Yarnall - Say "Hi, Rachel!"
    A) Even Watching the Fireworks
  7. Q) Camryn Moore - Can Pear twerk?
    A) That's an Honest Answer
  8. Q) Savio Vega - Grow Legs
    A) If You Do the Can Can
  9. Q) Lila Ashley - Can you have a kick boxing face off with Copper Lincoln?
    A) Yes
  10. Q) Rushy-blu Kitten (Rushy-Blu Kitten) - Hey Orange, there's some chocolate on the table! (It's actually poop!)
    A) That's a Disgusting Question to Ask
  11. Q) shadowpaw aj - Is Marshmallow a boy or a gal? Tell me or I delete YouTube!
    A) A boy

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