Flappy Bird Returns is the eleventh Ask Orange video aired May 30, 2014 where Flappy Bird returns from the kitchen in a video game.

Annoying Orange - Ask Orange -11- Flappy Bird Returns

Annoying Orange - Ask Orange -11- Flappy Bird Returns

Questions Edit

  1. Q) Kobe Fish (Google Plus) - Hey Orange, Flappy Bird's back in the kitchen.
    A) Not a Good Answer but we're Not Doing That Again
  2. Q) RubysSparklyRainbowChannel - Can you fart rainbows, Orange?
    A) No, Just Diamonds
  3. Q) Hym Verdan - Print yourself in a 3D printer.
    A) That's an Honest Question
  4. Q) dean - Look out! Someone's going to lick you!
    A) That's a Racist Question
  5. Q) Imani Haven - Can you please put chili in someone's eyes?
    A) No
  6. Q) DPro GM - Do you love Passion Fruit? A clean answer!
    A) Unless if you Go in the Bathtub
  7. Q) YoshiAngemon - Batpan
    A) And Even Robinero Sauce
  8. Q) TheDragonwarlordx - Have you ever had a near death moment?
    A) See the Flashback of the Timeline that Hasn't Happened Yet
  9. Q) Jesus Ocampo - Please tell me if Marshmallow is a boy or a girl. Please!
    A) Unable to Answer while Orange is in the Bathtub
  10. Q) Isaac MalteserBrowni - Who would win in a fight between Midget Apple and Marshmallow? Does Midget Apple have a small chance?
    A) A Small Chance to Lose Fighting
  11. Q) Zachary Ahl - Hey Orange, IMMA FIRIN MA LAZOR!
    A) That's a Racist Question
  12. Q) Seth796 - Can Marshmallow twerk?
    A) Yes
  13. Q) Robert Fish and Zip the 23rd - How fast can Orange roll and how long can you burp after drinking Zoop?
    A) Unless if you Let Orange Blast Out from the Similar Episode "Time to Burn"

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