(The episode begins at Daneboe's where Nerville is covering up an advertising board)

Orange: Hey, hey, Nerville, what'cha doing?

Nerville: Hmm? Oh! Just setting up for tomorrow's big celebrity event.

Orange: Oh. Well why's it covered up?

Nerville: Uh… no reason.

Passion Fruit: Wow, a celebrity? In our store?

Pear: I wonder who it could be.

Mrashmallow: I hope it's Lil' Squishy. He's my favorite marshmallow rapper.

(A cutaway of Little Squishy is shown)

Lil' Squishy: Yo, got that vision on my unicorn

Got some Pixies in the back

Then I'm spend'n all my jelly beans

Yeah, Pixies with a "P".

Nerville: Nope, not him.

Grapefruit: I bet it's Dunk Merriman, the Mr. Fruitiverse champion. Dude is ripped! Oh, what? My guy dosen't get a cutaway?

Orange: Nobody wants to see muscle-y fruit. Nerville, just tell us who it is.

Nerville: Okay, but you're not gonna like it.

(Nerville pulls off the blanket revealing Mr. Juicy Fun and his Fruit Obliterator "As Seen On TV")

The Fruit Gang: Mr. Juicy Fun?!

(A commercial of Mr. Juicy Fun is shown)

Mr. Juicy Fun: Ah! It's Obliterator time, baby! That's right. You got the fruit, and in goes the fruit. And three, two, one. You hit the little button, and you're having fun. (laughs) Whee!

Announcer: All this and more for only $19.95. Don't delay. Order now. Call Mr. Juice.

(blender whirring, the fruits scream in terror)

Nerville: I knew you wouldn't like it.

Pear: What do you expect? His Fruit Obliterator pulverizes fruit into juice in under three seconds.

Midget Apple: We can't stick around for a Mr. Juicy Fun in-store appearance. We'll be juiced by that maniac.

Nerville: You'll be fine. Well… no.

Orange: Relax, guys. We can use my frequent flyer miles and finally take that group vacation to Donkey Island, the magical vacation spot where fruit can become real boys and girls.

Pear: We've never discussed that.

Midget Apple: Who cares? It's better than a one-way trip to Blender Town.

(The other fruits agree with Orange's option)

Orange: Then grab your passports, kids. We're flying to Donkey Island.

(Nerville turns the dial and the Fruit Kart transforms into a plane)

Nerville: That's pretty good.

(Orange, Pear and an Elderly Banana go through the scanner)

Orange: Yay, radiation!

Pear: What is wrong with you?

(Scans Banana)

Red Apple Security Guard: Sir, step out of line for a strip search.

Elderly Banana: I don't really like to move but whatever. (Opens up and screams like a girl as junk falls out.) Uh, those aren't mine.

(Scans Orange and Pear, exposing their underwear)

Green Apple Security Guard: Nice undies, boys! Do they come in men sizes? (Laughs)

Orange: Wow, fruit-air security is humiliating.

Pear: Yeah, with you being the pilot and all. You know, I'm surprised you're willing to fly the plane after what happened the last time you were behind the controls.

Orange: I'm not the pilot. Why would you think that?

Pear: Um, the pilot's cap.

Orange: Oh, that's just for fashion. The real pilot's a season fit.