Main CharactersEdit

  • Orange -Orange is the unfunny, always telling jokes orange. He never stops talking!
  • Pear -Pear is the boring, scaredy pear, party pooper, Pear!
  • Passion Fruit -Passion is the understanding, passion fruit. She is Orange's love and lover. She is also shown to have fear of heights and kisses Orange on the cheek in Food Carnival!
  • Grapefruit -Grapefruit thinks he is large and in charge.
  • Midget Apple -Midget Apple (Ahem, Little Apple!) is an aggressive, bullied, little apple!
  • Marshmallow -Marshmallow is the cheerful Marshmallow who loves unicorns! That's why we can't know for sure if he's boy or girl.
  • Apple -Apple is boring, and the most hated one of course. He never tags along on the adventures, and has set the record for having the most injuries!  He always has one trip or another to the Fruit Hospital.
  • Grandpa Lemon-Grandpa Lemon seems like an old man, but he is also very judgeitive. In a Marshmallow Wedding, he laughed at Marshmallow's mother who wore lipstick.
  • Coconut-Coconut
  • Nerville -Nerville is the only main character human on the show.  Many times he feels like he's not accepted.

Minor CharactersEdit

  • Peach -Peach is a cheerful, lying, Peach, who assumes everything she says is right.
  • Commander Broccoli -Commander Broccoli hates fruits, and wants vegetables to take over the world!
  • Elderly Banana -Elderly Banana is an old banana, who has trouble breathing many times.
  • Guava-Guava is the weird one - he has legs! He also loves to dance with his thin legs.
  • Big Rock Candy Monster -Rock Candy Monster is Marshmallow's husband/wife, and he is officially rude,
  • Ginger -Ginger is the one who loves to meditate- and tries to relate to calm, boring Pear every chance she can get.