See My Butt is the seventeeth Ask Orange video aired September 11, 2015 featuring the Chubby Bunny.

Annoying Orange - Ask Orange 17- See My Butt?!?!

Annoying Orange - Ask Orange 17- See My Butt?!?!


  1. Q) Ruben Garcia - Hay oreng how hi can you gunp?
    A) If You Misspelled "Orange" for a Haystack
  2. Q) WA Gameman - What's your butt look like?
    A) Orange
  3. Q) Wicked French Fry - Can you do the Chubby Bunny Challenge?
    A) Yes
  4. Q) Button Mash - WHAT THE HECK IS GOING ON?
    A) Unable to answer
  5. Q) Kittyfuter44 - Hey Orange, Cat Stampede!
    A) Avoid Them
  6. Q) Sophielpsxx tv - Can you not answer this question?
    A) Close Enough
  7. Q) WulfNotWolf - Guess what, my butt is green and so is yours.
    A) If it's Paint
  8. Q) Aaron Knox - Hey Orange, can you do the funniest face in the planet?
    A) Creepy Burping Face
  9. Q) Guin Strader - Are you purple?
    A) No
  10. Q) Juan Mota - For crying out loud, is Marshmallow a f*** boy or a girl?
    A) A boy (Avoid swear words and F words)
  11. Q) courtney shaw - Can you say "Courtney is Cool"?
    A) Nonsense
  12. Q) Salman Mandeel - Can Grandpa Lemon get married to a scary woman?
    A) That's a Scary Question to Ask if You Kiss
  13. Q) Nicole Alexander - Apple and Lunch
    A) Pickle and Breakfast
  14. Q) Sayyow Lim - Bla bla bla bla bla bla
    A) Unable to answer
  15. Q) Trumasgia Vid - Hey Orange, can you do "This is Sparta!" on Pear
    A) If You Push Him Off the Table


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