Passion Fruit has been fruit-napped by the Dark Knight and if Orange can help her, she'll promise to pay him back.

Title Reference: Sir Lancelot


The episode starts with Nerville trying to sell fruit, but is having a hard time. Passion Fruit is reading a letter Grapefruit gave her. Angered about how Orange doesn't give her letters, she thinks about his letter in a result Orange seeing it. Jealous of Grapefruit's letter, Orange tries his best to annoy Grapefruit, and wins that match.Then a knight dressed in black comes, and fruit- naps Passion. Orange and his friends make up a plan to save Passion. First they try throwing fruit over the wall but it didn't work.Then Nerville gets an idea of his own. He gives Orange a knight's suit, and gives him a peice of hair so he looks like a knight. He comes to try out for the battle of knights and defeats dark knight who was really Grapefruit the whole time. Orange is declared winner and Passion shall not be fruit-napped anymore. From then on Passion has learned to respect Orange.


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