Toad Talk is the fourteenth Ask Orange video aired February 27, 2015 for Midget Apple's toad voice.

Annoying Orange - Ask Orange -14- Toad Talk!

Annoying Orange - Ask Orange -14- Toad Talk!

Questions Edit

  1. Q) Tyler Edwards - Hide TNT so Pear can't see it.
    A) That's a Racist Question
  2. Q) Roman Reese - How can you hear if you don't have ears?
    A) Cause if You're an Orange
  3. Q) Aftab Rana - How many fans do you have?
    A) Too Many
  4. Q) cameraman01productions - Fred's back in the kitchen!
    A) That's a Racist Question for a Previous Video You Saw It
  5. Q) Adam Lalonde - I wish my parents would name me Rick.
    A) If You're an Imaginary Friend
  6. Q) francy88123 - Hey Orange, I wonder how old you are.
    A) Old Enough Better to Know Better Than Hitting Jello
  7. Q) Steven Bates - Boo
    A) Scary Question
  8. Q) A.zemar Alvaro - Hey Orange, can you do the flop?
    A) Yes
  9. Q) Zain Ishaq - When you laugh, the Earth shakes.
    A) Unless if You Broke Florida
  10. Q) Tristan Lanfrank - Can Little Apple make a toad voice?
    A) Yes
  11. Q) IIOfficial Marshmallow - What do you do when you're not making videos for a day?
    A) If You See a Schedule


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