Toast Busters is the second Ask Orange video, aired October 21, 2011 for a parody of Ghostbusters.

Annoying Orange - Ask Orange -2- Toast Busters!

Annoying Orange - Ask Orange -2- Toast Busters!

Questions Edit

  1. Q) TaterHater456 - Why does pretty much everything in the kitchen explode?
    A) Because it's Carrot
  2. Q) Justin Norman Utz - How many oranges does it take to screw in a lightbulb?
    A) 617
  3. Q) pokemonbolt - What happened to Pizza?
    A) Gone 30 Minutes or Less
  4. Q) doyoulikepietoo - Can you jump?
    A) Peel it Out
  5. Q) purplelitchi - WASSUP!??!?!
    A) Unable to Answer
  6. Q) mason8612 - What is your favorite game?
    A) Wassup?!?
  7. Q) MrL441 - Can you squish a squash?
    A) Wear a Justin Bieber Mask to Scare Pear
  8. Q) Brandon Gomez - Would you pick a fight with Godzilla?
    A) If Watermelon is a Loser
  9. Q) mariohead101 - Seriously, is Marshmallow a boy or a girl?
    A) A boy
  10. Q) kickbuttowskifan1 - What is your favorite YouTuber?
    A) Himself
  11. Q) soniclegoproductions - Why does every person on your show get cut in half?
    A) If Squash will Squish a Peanut
  12. Q) yummyfood663 - Make a vid called "Toast Busters".
    A) Unless it's a parody of Ghostbusters

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