Twenty Five Days of Christmas is a Christmas song by the Fruit Gang in "Orange Carol" while Nerville keeps messing up Orange's Christmas duet.


  • 12 Days of Christmas
  • ABC Family's 25 Days of Christmas


Fruit: On the 25th day of Christmas, Orange gave to me...
Orange: Twenty five gladiators...
Gladiator: Do you mind? I'm reveling here!
Orange: (spoken) Yeah! I bet you really "glad" you won. (laughs)
Gladiator: (groan) Oh, that was awful.
Orange: Hey! Hey, gladiator!
Gladiator: What? What is it?
Orange: Thumb. (The Roman Emperor gives a thumbs down.)
Gladiator: What? Noooo! (The tigers attack Gladiator.)
Fruit: 24 angry jaguars
23 Mustachios
Orange: 22 Trojan horses...
Trojan: (laughs) 'Tis but a pony. (A trojan horses bursts out of the castle. Medieval men marched outside the horse.)
Fruit: 21 Medieval marchers
20 exploding kiwis
19 fat radishes
Fat Radish: What's up with you, Orange?
Orange: Knife. (The knife slices Fat Radish)
Fruit: 18 British broccoli
Russel: Neato burrito.
Fruit: 17 beans-a-jumping
16 creepy eyeballs
Grandpa Lemon: Who turned out the lights?
Fruit: 15 flags in space
Neil Armstrong: (pokes a flag in Crater Face (Moon)'s eye) Yeah! America!
Fruit: 14 clams-a-choking
13 clueless mushrooms
Orange: 12 leaning towers of Pizza...
Leaning Tower of Pisa: I'm-a-not a Pizza, I'm a Pisa.
Orange: Hey Tower of Pizza, got any pepperoni? (Leaning Tower growls.) Hey Leaning Tower of Pizza!
Leaning Tower of Pisa: What? What-a-now?
Orange: Can you do this? (spits seeds at the Leaning Tower of Pisa) Woah! Looks like Tower of Pizza's on a leaning diet.
Fruit: 11 kiwis blending
10 jet skis racing
Liam: Orange, get back here with my pretty green hat! Orange--whoa--whoa! (falls off his jet ski)
Fruit: 9 dips of caramel
8 motorcycles
Grandpa Lemon: Geronimo!
Fruit: 7 strips of bacon
Grapefruit: (turning to button to maximum with his bacon cannon) Maximum bacon!
Fruit: 6 berries rapping
Orange: 5... cups of cocoa!
Fruit: 4 cruel cucumbers
3 lame trolls
2 juice boxes
Orange: And a house made of free cheese! (laughs, the fruit gang groans)
Nerville: Happy holidays…again.