Two Million Knives is the tenth Ask Orange video aired January 24, 2014 promoted to Super Bowl XLVIII.

Annoying Orange - ASK ORANGE -10- TWO MILLION KNIVES (Super Bowl XLVIII)

Annoying Orange - ASK ORANGE -10- TWO MILLION KNIVES (Super Bowl XLVIII)

Questions Edit

  1. Q) sycoy baer - Make Ask Orange 10.
    A) Good Answer
  2. Q) Flurry Funkey - Hey Orange, two million knives.
    A) Racist Answer
  3. Q) Kanani Ali - Can you make Marshmallow angry?
    A) If You Use Your Marker and Meet Pizza
  4. Q) junglemanlawyer1 - In Ask Orange 10, can Knife be a Nyan cat?
    A) No
  5. Q) nelsonlandyn - Can you peel your skin?
    A) Get Naked and Pretend to be Nude Dude
  6. Q) Hebrew Account - How much long is your tongue?
    A) Too Long to Ask
  7. Q) elliottblaise - Boo. I scared you.
    A) That's a Scary Question
  8. Q) Luke Warbey - Orange, can you clone Marshmallow 2,000,000 times?
    A) Yes
  9. Q) whackogamer1 - Is this a good question?
    A) Yes
  10. Q) csaha - Hey. Hey. (Say it Twice)
    A) No, Hay!
  11. Q) monkeybladde33 - Hey Orange, do you love Passion Fruit?
    A) Yes
  12. Q) Aileen Bajaña - How many pets would you want to have and what type? A unicorn that poops rainbows or an ant?
    A) If You Win a Fight to Step on It and Have Two Million

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